Mitochondria and Optimal Health

Pick a disease…  any disease.  Yes, even the very act of aging.  Chances are, new research is linking that disease process with some aspect of Mitochondria and how well they are functioning.

Regardless of whether you are facing a devastating illness or just wanting to be as healthy as you can be, there are core aspects to the very act of being alive, that we all share.  Learning how best to support these vital functions can help improve overall health, regardless of your individual starting point.

We will be introducing you to the microscopic starting point of health, your Mitochondria, and showing you how being your healthy best starts at the cellular level.

Mitochondria reside in our cells and require an environment abundant in oxygen and rich with vital nutrients.  This ideal environment forms an Oxygen Oasis within ourselves that is the driving force behind the metabolic pathways responsible for creating the life-giving energy that drives every living process in the human body.  In fact, each day we should be producing the equivalent of our own body weight of this energy molecule called ATP.  When this millennium began, it was rare for someone to even know what Mitochondria were, absent some distant memory from cellular biology class.  But in a few short years, finding ways to support and heal our Oxygen Oasis for our Mitochondrial health has been thrust into the forefront of medical research as the best way to prevent and combat a multitude of diseases and support efforts toward achieving optimal health.

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