Six Pillars of Mito Health

Absolutely everything we do requires energy.  Energy is not infinite; it must be created constantly to replenish that which is being used and to compensate for increased demand.  The vast majority of all ATP-energy is generated through the action of Mitochondria.  The energy they produce are vital to both the day-to-day functional capacity and longterm health of every human being.

There are enumerable aspects that can influence overall effectiveness and efficiency of both the creation and utilization of ATP.  Controllable factors that can help improve Mito function can be grouped into six major categories.  These “Six Pillars of Mito Health” include:  energy conservation; dietary requirements (nutrition, supplementation, hydration); detoxification; exercise; sleep and complementary therapies.

» First Pillar: Energy Conservation

» Second Pillar: Dietary Requirements

» Diet and Nutrition

» Supplementation

» Hydration

» Amino Acids and Nucleo Intake

» Third Pillar: Detoxification

» Fourth Pillar: Exercise

» Fifth Pillar: Sleep

» Sixth Pillar: Complimentary Therapies

« What Are Mitochondria

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