Third Pillar: Detoxification

Imagine suddenly going through your day and realizing that all the products you used and completely took for granted were harming you. This is what happened to me when I had my first Mitochondrial Dysfunction induced energy crisis. Soap and lotion dried out my skin to the point it would crack and peel. Shampoo and conditioners caused awful sores all over my scalp; and a rash on my skin from simply having the products wash across my body while rinsing my hair. Toothpaste made my gums and inside of my mouth peel like I had a chemical burn. Cleaning agents made my skin raw. Makeup made me break out within the hour of applying it. One use of antibacterial soaps or sanitizing gels would make my skin peel within hours.

No matter how careful you are, you are exposed to harmful substances and toxins every day … and they take their toll on your Mitochondria.  Even if the product doesn’t directly harm Mitochondria, harsh substances can cause a damaging impact on your cells and force energy to be used to try to combat the constant bombardment.  This is energy that could be used elsewhere for better functioning.

In my case, I wasn’t producing enough ATP to overcome the constant chemical attacks so I was sustaining substantial tissue damage and showing signs of premature aging.  I was forced to find ways to remove most products from my environment and ensure what I did use was as mild a product as possible.  During this process, I learned we really have too much “stuff” that we don’t need and it isn’t good for us.

Now that I am functioning much better, I can again tolerate at least a little use of these products.  But there is no logical reason in doing so because I am intimately aware of the detrimental impact it would cause my cells. I would be wasting precious energy forcing my body to work harder than necessary.

With every tick of time, we are aging chronologically.  Biologically, we can fight it tooth and nail.  It starts with limiting toxin exposures so our Mitochondria can stop struggling to deal with constant environmental bombardment and start focusing on optimal function that can biologically slow the aging process.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT DETOXIFICATION:  Eliminating toxins from your external environment can be safely done at any stage.  However, if you are currently facing an energy crisis, you should use caution before embarking on a major internal detoxification process. As you pull toxins from within your tissues, they can build to unsafe levels that can overwhelm an already fragile system. Implement energy conserving techniques and help improve your body’s ability to function by providing as much nutrients as possible to help keep the body strong during an internal detox.


Want to know how quickly we absorb things through our skin and how rapidly it can be dispersed all over our body?

Get a delicious bowl of Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit. Enjoy it… it tastes good and it’s good for you. Now immediately after, peel some garlic and chop it up. Make sure to touch the chopped garlic with your bare hands. Taste it? Mmmm… Garlic flavored yogurt. I love garlic, but really! It doesn’t go well with yogurt. Now the scary part: think about all the other things we are exposed to that we absorb into our bodies as we go throughout the day?


Suzanne Somers has an amazing story of the health struggles she and her family faced after a major toxic exposure that occurred in their family home.  After fighting and winning her battle, she has become a very vocal advocate for detoxification and the tremendous health benefits of eliminating unnecessary chemical and environmental exposures.  Check out her new book: TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick.


Toxins are everywhere!  Each and every day we bath, wash our hair, and brush our teeth with products filled with potential toxins.  Then we slather on lotions, sticks and sprays, perfume, make-up and hair products; all filled with chemicals.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients?  We consume them, absorb them through our skin and inhale them and we don’t even think twice.  Do you know what all those chemicals are and their potential effects on the body?  The good news is, they aren’t necessary.  Here are a few personal care and hygiene tips that can help to reduce your overall toxic exposure while helping to improve teeth, gums, skin, nails and hair. Chances are, it’s cheaper too!

Homemade Toothpaste for Improved Mouth and Gums

Detoxify Your Shower

Homemade All Natural Deodorant



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