Homemade Toothpaste

health_mouth2Remember hearing how gum disease was linked to other major health disorders like heart disease?  A little more research uncovers that the association relates to chronic and systemic inflammation.  What Mito patients soon learn is that Mitochondrial Dysfunction causes chronic and systemic inflammation; often times leading to gum disease and even loss of teeth.  While you are feeding your Mito for optimal performance from the inside out, help improve overall oral health by healthier oral hygiene practices.

Toothpaste contains a barrage of chemicals. The most discussed is fluoride and the negative side effects of just this one ingredient continue to mount. What became readily apparent to me in my most impaired state was that toothpaste was literally forcing the skin and gums in my mouth to work harder to combat exposure to harsh, toxic and unnecessary chemical exposure… multiple times a day.

There are lots of articles available discussing the health benefits of coconut oil.  One popular suggestion is to use it as toothpaste.  After personally trying it and having great results, I feel confident recommending it to others.  This home-remedy leaves your mouth clean, your teeth smooth, and it’s antimicrobial effect kills bacteria and can reduce inflammation and sensitivity issues.

Homemade Toothpaste For Improved Mouth Health

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (virgin, cold-pressed to retain antimicrobial properties)
2 to 4 Tbsp Baking Soda (modify amount for personal preference on texture, I like to use 4 Tbsp)
Peppermint Oil (food grade) to taste
OPTIONAL:  Xylitol (if you desire to sweeten) to taste (see Tip #2 below)

Mix well. You can use gentle warming to soften the coconut oil to aid in mixing; however, do not overheat or microwave the coconut oil because it damages its anti-microbial properties. The less exposure to heat the better.

Keep it in a covered container or Mason jar with a lid or saran wrap.  Coconut oil melts at 76F degrees.  If it gets warm in the house, it can melt and separate; so you might have to stir before use.

TIP #1:  Warm up the water while you brush so when you are done, washing the toothbrush is easier.

I haven’t found a good travel container(taking into consideration it can liquefy and separate above 76F degrees).  But think of the joy when you do get home and can finally use your beloved homemade toothpaste again.

Personal Experience:   I was amazed the first time I used this toothpaste (before heading to bed).  The next morning when I brushed, the sensitive spot on my bottom left side wasn’t sensitive.  I usually cringe when I brush over that section.  The more I used it, the better my overall mouth-health became, including improvements in my previously inflamed and receding gums.  I also noticed I still feel like I have a fresh mouth in the morning…  teeth still feel clean, no nasty film.  Wish it totally eliminated morning breath. Then it would truly be the bomb-diggity.

TIP #2:  You can also add Xylitol to taste to sweeten the toothpaste, but with the Xylitol it seems not to have the same fresh mouth effect in the morning.

brushhead_XTIP #3:  Protect both tooth enamel and gums from excessive pressure and abrasion.  Be conscious of how much pressure you are applying while brushing.  Use a toothbrush with softer bristles.  Avoid toothbrushes with heads containing non-bristle plastic parts (such as “polishing cups” pictured to the right) that can be more harsh on gums.


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