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Mitochondria are resilient… to a point.  But the more toxins introduced into the body, the more devastating the impact.  Unfortunately, the very medications we have come to depend on to treat a variety of medical conditions are also the very medications that cause drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity.

The majority of pain management medications cause Mito toxicity.  Occasional use is one thing, but frequent episodes of involuntary muscle spasms and spasticity, nerve function interference and chronic, often severe pain regularly accompany many disease processes, including Mito.  Reaching for relief can actually work to perpetuate and worsen the symptoms you are attempting to avoid.  Therefore, when possible, non-drug options should be utilized.

For those who suffer from acute and / or chronic pain, whether muscular or neuropathic in nature, there is another option that doesn’t include consumption of potentially toxic or side-effect laden drugs.

InterX® therapy is a safe, non-invasive, neurostimulation treatment that can be used on patients of all ages.  Some pain management clinics provide InterX therapy to reduce rehabilitation times from sports injuries and other acute trauma.  However, for certain conditions such as chronic pain and migraines, a physician can prescribe a personal device for home use.  Use of an InterX device can be used independently or in conjunction with other therapy modalities with no risk of interactions with other required treatment aspects.

InterX 1000 Personal Home Unit
InterX 1000 Personal Home Unit

InterX works differently than other electric stimulation devices like a TENS unit.  TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is the use of electric current used for nerve excitation.  However, InterX delivers stimulation safely and comfortably at 3 to 4 times higher amplitudes than would normally cause muscle contraction with TENS.  The current densities delivered by InterX via interactive waveform can be up to 100 times higher than a typical TENS and this has been shown to have significantly greater physiological response.

MUSCLE TENSION / SPASTICITY:  Those who suffer from muscle tension are often prescribed muscle relaxers that negatively effect Mito function, cause interactions with other medications, cause unwanted side effects and often only render short-term results at best.  InterX works to stimulate muscle activity without triggering a contraction.  The result is relaxation of muscle fibers.  Click here for further information on Understanding Muscle Function.

Click here for more information on how InterX Therapy works.  If you feel you would benefit from InterX Therapy, contact Neuro Resource Group, Inc. for more information.

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