Tart Cherry & Ginger Digestive Tonic

This tonic can be used for a vast number of digestive issues.  Help digest a heavy meal (high in meat protein or high in carbs).  Increased digestion aids in regular bowel movements.  Both the Tart Cherry and Ginger can help regulate blood sugar.  Ginger contains Zingibain, known to boost immunity against viruses and bacteria and can cleanse the gut by dissolving both parasites and their eggs.  Ginger is also useful in settling the stomach after eating something less than agreeable; or to assist with nausea or vomiting.
NOTE:  Softer stools are normal but some people are more sensitive to high doses of ginger and may need to work up to higher or more frequent doses to avoid diarrhea.  (Diabetics need to monitor blood sugar level when using this tonic.)

In a microwavable cup, mix the following:
2 tsp Tart Cherry Concentrate
6 oz Water (more or less to taste)

Warm mixture slightly in the microwave.  (If adding Collagen Powder or other amino acids, it should be no more than luke warm; otherwise, the heat will destroy certain amino acids such as glutamine).  Then add:

1 mL Zingiber Officinate (liquid Ginger Extract), preferably alcohol free

Optional but highly recommended:
1 tsp D-Ribose (Adenine from Ginger and D-Ribose combine to form Adenosine, the nucleoside precursor to ATP)
1/2 to 1 tsp TwinLab Super C, multisourced vitamin C powder (helps boost immune system and acts as a powerful antioxidant, supports collagen utilization; can also increase absorption of iron if taken together)
1 serving Arthred Collagen Powder [available via several sources such as NutriCology or Source Naturals] (This is an excellent way to add another serving of collagen protein and this trademarked product also contains a comprehensive amino complex.)


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GI Tonic (Calming GI upset and IBS)

This simple tonic can be used to help sooth the GI and allow for healing.  It can assist in normalizing bowel movements (whether the problem is loose or hard stools) and reduce the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  By normalizing the GI, it also may help with certain types of indigestion. Depending on the quality of the Aloe product used, it can improve nutrient absorption up to 200%.  The chlorophyll provides vital yet easily digestible nutrients that take advantage of this increased absorption, assisting in improved overall digestive health.

1/2 cup Unfiltered Organic Apple Juice (should appear cloudy due to pulp content)
2 Tbsp 100% Aloe Vera Juice
2 Tbsp food-grade Chlorophyll
*2 Tsp Psyllium Hulls (husk)
*Mix the hulls in last and immediately consume it, as the hulls will start to expand when added to the fluid.

Consume at least once per day, but it has been safely tolerated when consumed as needed, up to twice a day (morning and night).

NOTE:  Psyllium is a type of soluble fiber. If you have issues with consumption of fiber, this should be considered.

*When considering something new, always evaluate it in regards to your individual circumstances and needs. You should always discuss ideas and options with a trusted and knowledgeable healthcare provider before starting something new.


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